Klompenschuurtje – Wooden Shoe Shop and Painting

Living so close to the Netherlands, I felt like I needed one more thing before I could call my time here complete. Wooden shoes, clogs, or klompen, as the Dutch call them, are one of the most typical Dutch items you can acquire. I was lucky to find Klompenschuurtje, where I could combine two loves, painting parties and wooden shoes.

Klompenschuurtje is a clog making business first. Nicole is a 5th generation clog maker and the first female master clog maker in the world. She can make clogs by hand and machine and has clogs of all shapes and sizes. Clog making demonstrations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and her clog shop has plenty of finished painted clogs to buy for kids and adults. She also teaches people how to make clogs the traditional way in a weekly class. Nicole was very friendly and helpful and was always ready to fill our coffee cups or just talk to us about life.

Workshops at Klompenschuurtje are easy to schedule by emailing Nicole at her business email. Packages for kids or adults can be arranged. For adults, the package price ranges from 15 to 45 euro per person, depending on the project and size of the group. Her workshop can fit a maximum of 15 people per workshop (two fest tables) and there is a minimum group size that must be met to pay the advertised price per person. You can choose from 1 souvenir clog, a flowerpot clog, bird feeder clog, birdhouse clog or a pair of clogs in your size to use at home for your group’s project. Children workshops start at 13.50 euro per person. The workshops include coffee or tea (lemonade for the kids), a sweet treat and all painting supplies and materials.

Klompenschuurtje is located east of Eindhoven, about 1-1.5 hour drive from our area. The workshop is located behind a house with a giant clog in the front. The driveway can fit 4 to 6 cars. There is a fitness center a little further down the road that has more parking if needed. If you have a large group, I recommend carpooling. I really enjoyed my clog painting party. I hope you will have fun there too.

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Helmondseweg 3B, Aarle-Rixtel, NL

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