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When this site was created, it was with the intent that it would grow into a place that our community could use as a tool to find what they need and learn about new places to explore. It was a fun hobby that has now become a favorite excuse to shop at a new store or eat at a different restaurant. This is inspiration to see it all! ~Amanda

I love exploring new places and experiencing this area through the eyes of a traveler and as a resident. I like to discover quirky attractions and cultural events that you don’t always hear about, but the locals love. My main goal is to share my experiences and knowledge with you to help make your stay in this little corner of the world a great one. ~Megan

8 Responses to Contact me/About the author

  1. Corey says:

    I’m new to GK, are there any Squash or Badminton clubs?

  2. Sarah says:

    Are there any spouse clubs at GK? In other overseas assignments there are been very active spouse clubs but I don’t see anything online at GK. Bunko night? Dinner clubs etc?

  3. Georg says:

    I’ve been given the opportunity to do an internship at JFC Brunssum for 2.5 months while writing my Master’s thesis this fall and am therefore on the lookout for a room or small apartment to rent during this time… The ones I’ve found have been very expensive keeping in mind I am a student… Do you have any ideas on where to look etc?
    Georg from Sweden

  4. axel says:

    Is there any event planed for Super Bowl?

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