Rauw – Vegetarian Cafe in Sittard

Rauw is located near the corner where Hema and V&D meet in Sittard. This all vegetarian and mostly vegan cafe has a lot to offer in its small footprint. They have all of the usual cafe offerings for coffee and tea, plus smoothie and fruit juice options. Their salad offerings are large and have different combinations than you usually see. You can see their full menu on their website. The cafe also has weekly muffins, soups and warm meals that you can usually see posted on their Facebook page. The majority of these meals are gluten-free, lactose-free and organic, but you can always ask if you aren’t sure.

When I visited, I tried the spicy pumpkin soup, which was a large portion and had a nice kick to it. My beau tried the rijstewafels (we call them rice cakes) with several tapas options. The hummus was quite good. If you’re looking for a nice cafe in Sittard, try Rauw out, you might make it your new regular place to stop while you’re shopping.

Nieuwstraat 3, Sittard
Tues-Wed 0900-1900
Thurs 0900-2100
Fri 0900-1900
Sat 0900-1800
Sun-Mon Closed

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