PCSing to GK

In June 2011 I moved to GK and knew that it was an experience of a lifetime. I wrote down the process from the moment we learned we’d be PCSing and it’s available for your reading pleasure. I hope that it helps you along in your journey.

Always here for you,

Amanda Robbins


While we hope you find the information on this blog is helpful during your transition, I’d like to point out some other resources that can fill in the gaps.

Geilenkirchen Airman & Family Readiness Center (AFRC)- Like them on Facebook, call them if you have specific questions, or need help getting a sponsor, use their computer lab or family room to get out of the hotel room. They are here to help you.

Army Community Services – Located on Schinnen, they are here to help you, just like the AFRC.

Military One Source – This is your one stop shop for information on Geilenkirchen and Schinnen. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the contact information on the site to call the AFRC or ACS.

Life Lessons of a Military Wife – The section of the blog called Primer to Germany has quite a few posts on different aspects of moving to Germany

Germany Ja! – Their section on PCSing has helpful tips for both PCSing in and out of Germany.

Remember that many things about your PCS can be negotiated or changed. If TMO gives you a flight that doesn’t allow dogs, go back and see if there is a code share or alternate route you can take. If your RNLT is days before your child’s graduation, talk to the receiving unit to see if it can be changed slightly. You may be only able to ship one car per set of orders with government money, but it’s possible to ship a second car on your own dime. If you ever feel cornered, call the AFRC or ACS, talk to PCS veterans, know that there are people out there willing to help or at least point you in the right direction. You’ll never know until you ask. We at HereatGK are always willing to help too. Wishing you a safe and low stress PCS.

Here At GK Bloggers

Amanda, Andrea and Megan

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  1. Shaunte says:

    Thank you. We will be theere before Oct.10th. I hope to meet you soon.

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