Leisure Dome – Movie Theater, Bowling, Mini-Golf, Play Place in Kerkrade

A new entertainment complex has opened up in Kerkrade and it has something for everyone. Here’s a summary of what they have to offer.

JT Movie Theater – This theater boasts the largest movie screen in South Limburg. There are 8 screens total, but the large one also has XD sound and the option to sit in D-Box chairs that move with the movie. Their prices are comparable to Foroxity, including the reduced prices and sneak previews on Tuesdays for €5. The theater does not take credit cards, but had pin-code machines, so you may be able to buy with Dutch bank cards, but cash is always accepted. As with other movie theaters in the area, beer and wine are available and there will be an intermission during the movie.

If you are facing the theater, there are stairs outside and to the left of the theater entrance that will take you to the bowling, mini-golf and arcade.

Bowlo Bowling Lounge – This is the classiest bowling venue I have ever seen. The lounge area looks like a nice place to have a cocktail while you wait for your turn on the lane.

GlowGolf – Indoor mini-golf under black lights. I think kids will love this one. A regular game costs €7,50 per person and will take 60 to 75 minutes to play. Birthday parties can also be arranged.

Darteldome – This indoor play place is huge, measuring 2000m², and is open to kids ages 0 to 12 years old. Prices are based on age; up to 2 years old is €2, up to 4 years old is €4, and kids up to 12 years old are €8,50. Birthday parties are also possible here. There is also a Darteldome location in Sittard at Dr. Nolenslaan 128.

Gamestate – This arcade is larger than the usual in the area, but it’s no Dave & Busters. I’m sure the video game lover could still have some fun in this place.

WOK Parkstad Plaza – This restaurant has a few sides to it. There is a brasserie/cafe, which is open all day, and a restaurant open in the evenings. There is also a play place located in the restaurant for the kids to enjoy.

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