European VAT Forms for GK Stationed Families

This information may have changed since it’s original posting. If this process has changed, you can contact us at to have this post updated.

This is a question that I’ve often asked and have received several answers to. So let’s crush the rumors once and for all and give it to you straight!

Building 74 is just outside the front gate of GK. There is a sign on the building for NATEX Administration and AMSTO. You are able to purchase European VAT forms from the AMSTO office, which is located just inside the front door of the building. AMSTO also sells tax forms for European car purchases. For the European VAT form, you buy the form for 5 euro, they certify it and you can use it anytime within the a year. This form is valid for Belgium, the Netherlands and many other European countries.

If you are using the VAT for the first time, make sure you ask the store what their procedure is before your purchase because they all handle it differently. Some take it at the register and remove the tax prior to your payment. In other stores, you pay the full price, then you take the form to a service desk and get reimbursed the taxes.

Quick Tip: If you have a favorite store that you go back to time and again, this tip is for you. Many stores will reimburse your VAT for multiple purchases. Save your receipts and take them all in at once with your VAT form. Make sure you purchase your VAT form before you start buying though and process it before it expires. Also, check with the store to see what their policy is, but if they do allow this, you’ll be able to save time and money.

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