Kinderstad -Heerlen

When it’s raining, this is the place to go with the kids. Perfect for the adults to sit down and enjoy a coffee or snack whilst the children burn their energy running through this warehouse of fun. With bouncing, climbing, riding, running, boating and more, this is a wonderful time for all ages. I know that I may be in my late twenties, but I rode all the rides and played just as hard as the kids did!

The price was 9€ per person and well worth it. When you enter you can also buy “munts” which are the coins to purchase food and drinks. You can also buy them from a machine next to the vendor. The food and drinks were more then reasonable in cost too which my wallet appreciated!!

They are open 365 days of the year! (Yes you read correctly) Hours are 1000-1800 daily.

Please give this a try next rainy day!

Parallelweg 4
6411 ND Heerlen


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2 Responses to Kinderstad -Heerlen

  1. Jacqui says:

    Starting at 1600, it is half price. A lot of people also take their own food.

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