Makado (Mall) w/ Free childcare

This reminded me of one of the Tucson Malls. After not having been to one in a while, I felt in awe of this place. Not a large mall, it certainly had plenty to see. One of my favorite stores was Bruna. This store sells gift certificates and gift packages. You can buy dinner for two, or a spa trip, or a vacation package to give as a gift and the receiver can choose from all sorts of places to use their package.

Other places included one medium and one XL toy store. The x-large one was called Toys XL so I think you’ll figure it out quickly! 😉

This place had a few flower shops, clothing stores, a BCC (think of any electronic/appliance and they have it) and more shops to choose from. They did have a large Xenos and Blokker too.

It’s a wonderful way to spend a few hours picking up things you need and you could even grocery shop in their large center.

Just a few exits from Schinnen, this is a great place to go for those extra items!

Oh and the best news you ask?!? FREE CHILDCARE!!!


Open Weds-Friday 1300-1800 and Sat 1100-1700 for a max of two hours and for children under the age of 9.  See their website for more info!

Wethouder Sangersstraat 314 • 6191 NA BEEK


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