Restaurant Palladion – Greek food in Aachen

Can you say YUMMY?!? A friend and I went to this Greek Restaurant and ate outside with a wonderful view and excellent service.  Don’t bother asking for ketchup though because that doesn’t exist here. LOL

I ordered a schnitzel and was very pleased with it, while my friend ordered pork medallions in mushrooms and sauce with potatoes. We also received a basket of some delicious bread that had me eating every last bite!

If you sit inside, you will find a classy set up with the ability to possibly sit inside with the windows and doors completely open giving it a balcony feel. As far as price, this is a bit more pricey then the average place in GK, but then again, when in the big city, expect bigger city prices! 🙂

Restaurant Palladion
Schmiedstr. 3
52062 Aachen
tel.: +49/(0)2 41/40 70 38


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