Tongeren – Sunday Antique Market

If your looking for a no cost (unless you buy stuff!) way to spend your Sunday, this is a great trip. About 1 hour and 15 minutes from GK, Tongeren is a beautiful town in Belgium that is known because it is the oldest town in Belgium and also for it’s vast array of antique shops. On Sundays, people from the shops and all over, come together and host a market in the centrum area. You will see many vendors in the streets and in buildings such as underground parking lots. These areas are marked and easy to find and allow for a lovely walk outdoors. You will find that most vendors speak English, French, and Dutch.

We walked through and saw many wonderful collectibles and gorgeous pieces of history. After, if the walk has not worn you out, I recommend a short walk to the cathedral which is beautiful and has  a sign in English outside explaining the history. If you arrive around 10-11,you will hear the church bells and the mass. My husband and I loved the joyous sound of singing during this last Sunday’s mass. As you walk around this area, you will find a monument that celebrates the Romans who lived here first, and a monument that is engraved with the years of both world wars.

Lastly, check out one of the many cafes. We ate a baguette and had a cup of delicious coffee before the drive home.  The market is from around 7am – noon and so it is perfect timing to enjoy a little lunch before you go.

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Article I read before going

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