Hellas – Greek Restaurant, Ubach-Palenberg

If you need a gyro or something of that variety, Hellas is a great place to eat in or do pick up. It’s got a good amount of seating and is a nice place to stay and eat so my husband and I pick this place often. The quality of the gyro meat is exceptional and they have many options on how to eat it. I like mine with fries and I drown both the meat and fries in sauce. My husband likes his with melted cheese on top, and the neighbor likes hers on pita. No matter how you like it, they have options. There are many non-gryo items on the menu too, so just about everybody can find something different that they’ll really enjoy!

Give this place a try and you won’t be disappointed….

Open for lunch and dinner, but closed all day on Mondays.

Marienstr. 20 52531 Übach-Palenberg

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