Sashimi – Sushi in Maastricht

A higher end sushi restaurant, this sushi place will delight your tongue. With the option of all you can eat sushi, you can do up to 4 rounds per person with 5 items each round. The menu of items included about 65 different options ranging from sushi, handrolls, spring rolls, gyozas and more. The largest selection I have seen in quite some time and the ability to mix and match your rolls with appetizers was delightful. I ate more appetizer type items then I did sushi, but my husband filled himself on as many rolls as he could. We both agreed that it was fresh and well worth the price. Attached is a photo with the all you can eat prices listed for both lunch and dinner. I recommend this for date night! We will most certainly be there on our next date….


Helmstraat 8-A , Maastricht , The Netherlands

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