Toom Markt

This is not so much a store as it is a strip mall of sorts. One large parking lot with a car wash in the middle and a large building that is the Markt.

You enter through the main doors and there is a bakery and a small cafe. Once we walked past that we found that the Markt is divided into three different stores. One is like a Real. It sold groceries, small appliances, electronics, clothes, shoes, etc. (Think Super Walmart but not quite so large.) You can find out more at their website, TOOM.

The second store was more like the Best Buy but it had more appliances (large and small). We found it interesting that the hand mixer in the first store was cheaper then the one in the ProMarkt.  The last store was like Ace Hardware. It was just a small store with a limited selection of tools and such called toom-baumarkt.

We really liked this store and its about 15 minutes from the Teveren-Ubach area.

Am Rosenkränzchen 5, Alsdorf, Deutschland

ProMarkt (electronics/applicances)

“the Walmart””the hardware store”

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