Built in late 2011, this store is a fun place to shop with lots of easy parking. It has a parking garage that our full sized pick up truck fits in  easily. I have seen a four door F150 park there before too.

Located inside the building is a Takko (clothing for adults like H&M), a children’s clothing store, a Deichmann (similar to Payless), and a DM (similar to the Walgreens).

The ATM in the Kaufland itself is able to accept American style debit cards.

I shop here weekly and found that it is clean, fresh and very affordable. We love the turkey breast and the fresh brats as well as the delicious authentic German side dishes. After comparing to the things we buy at the commissary, we found that we saved money here (except on beef products) and that the food and meat is much fresher. The milk lasts longer and is cheaper as well. We have been grocery shopping on the economy quite a bit since living here, but now we will do most of it at Kaufland because it is such a nice store with such a large selection!

Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 17 (Geilenkirchen)

Open Mon-Sat 0700-2200

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