Monschau-open Sunday

Located within an hour of the GK area, you can take the autobahn or enjoy the scenic route thru the eifel and make your way to Monschau. One of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever visited (and I’ve traveled the world quite a bit). We visited on a Sunday and that alone makes it a great place. This will be on the list for our family when they visit because it has to be one of the best places you could spend your day when most things are closed.

We walked around and found the tourist info office first. They speak English, French and German and were very helpful. They sold maps and tickets to attractions. After that, we found an ATM that accepts American cards and then we rushed to fill our bellys with Schnitzel and the local beer. We ate a a beautiful restaurant along the river and enjoyed the outdoor scenery.

From here, we walked around and visited all of the local stores. These stores definetly cater to tourists and are filled with lots of fun things to buy. I had the hardest time holding onto my wallet and my husband had to drag me out of most of the shops.

Next on our to do was a nature hike. We climbed the stairs of the old wall and walked until it led us back to our motorcycle. It was parked at a “mall” that we saw when first entering town so we ran in and took a peek at the stores inside. It had a bar, a resturant, some small souvenir shops and a HUGE glass shop where they made hand blown glass objects. It was spectacular!

All in all, this was a beautiful day with beautiful weather and we will be back again!

Here is the website with info on their Christmas markt. You can bet I’ll be blogging all about it this winter because as beautiful as this was in summer, you can probably bet it’s gorgeous in winter!


**Stores are open on Sundays

Follow the signs to find the parking lot that bests suits your location:

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