I’m moving. Here’s what to expect from HereatGK.

My time here at Geilenkirchen is almost at an end. Unfortunately, that means that I will not be able to continue upkeep of the blog. Here are some ways to keep this blog alive.

While I believe many of the posts will be a helpful resource for a long time, I realize that stores and restaurants move or close and on-base businesses change their hours. So, keep this in mind as you search the site. If you see something that requires edits or deletion, you can let me know at hereatgk@gmail.com. Keep in mind that www.militaryonesource.mil is an excellent resource where you can find the Tri-Border Phone book and many other resources provided by the GK A&FRC.

If you are interested in helping by adding new posts or editing old ones, all you need is a WordPress.com account, then I can give you access. If you just want to submit an article once, you can do so by emailing me at hereatgk@gmail.com.

The blog under it’s current URL, www.hereatgk.com, will stay for about another year until it reverts to http://www.hereatgk.wordpress.com, which should continue forever.

I and everyone that has helped on this blog has volunteered their time to help inform our community and build a place to help you adjust and have your best overseas experience. This blog does not make money on ads and is purely here to help you and the community. I hope, with your help, it can continue for years to come.

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1 Response to I’m moving. Here’s what to expect from HereatGK.

  1. Michelle says:

    We miss you, Megan! Your blogging info is such a valuable resource. Thank you for everything you provided at GK!!

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