Aquis Plaza – Aachen Mall

There’s a new mall in town. Aquis Plaza is a 3 story indoor mall that has opened near Aachen’s city center. There are over 90 shops and 20 eateries, so there is plenty of variety. Here are some highlights.

TK Maxx – Almost exactly like TJ Maxx

Build a Bear – Exactly like the stateside version

Elbenwald – A sci-fi and fantasy fan’s dream store

Party Fiesta – A bit like Party City

Munster Accessories – A scarf and legging lover’s dream

There are over 90 stores here, so I won’t list them all. You can check out their entire list at this link.

If you’re looking for food, they have a KFC, Pizza Hut, Burgers, Italian, Kebaps and more.

Parking Lot (Open when the Plaza is open)
Stiftstrasse, Aachen

You can also use a lot listed on Aachen’s parking website: Aldabertstrasse is the closest one to the plaza.

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