Happy Italy – Kerkrade

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Happy Italy is a fast Italian restaurant located in the Leisure Dome complex in Kerkrade. It would make a great place to have a dinner and movie or have lunch with the kids, then have some fun at GlowGolf or Bowlo. Please note that the restaurant does not take cash. You must pay with a debit or credit card. The chip is not required in the card. See our reader’s review below.

Happy Italy
Open Daily at 1100
Roda JC Ring 2P
6466 NH Kerkrade
0031 (0)45-7440083

We were quite happy to discover Happy Italy.  It’s the kind of place that’s able to be family friendly but also is a great environment for all ages, and they have an amazing Pizza Nutella, so what’s not to love?

They have an English menu.  Yay!  They do mostly pasta and pizza, but there are several salads and paninis to choose too.  Everything is made fresh with fresh ingredients and comes out quickly.  The prices are great, and the portions are big.  The waiters are happy to put your leftovers in a pizza box or container to take away.  This is especially good because they offer yummy desserts, and you’ll want to make sure you have room.  On our first visit, the waitress recommended the Pollo con Extra pizza.  It has chicken and bell peppers and was a great recommendation.  My husband chose Pasta con Polpette, which comes with tomato sauce, meatballs, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan and was so delicious that he ordered it again when we went back. For dessert we have had the Pizza Nutella and the chocolate cake.  They’re both delicious, and we’ll be back to try the others.  We fed two adults plus a baby lunch and shared a desert, and we paid under 30 Euros and went home with leftovers.

There’s a nice bar area, but we haven’t checked that out.  It’s become our after church place, so we do sodas and a glass of milk for our little one.  There is a kids play area with a ball pit and things to climb on hidden away around the back corner.  There’s a changing table in the ladies room which can be tough to find around here and highchairs are available.

We saw what looked like a really fun kids birthday party happening on our last visit.  Every child got a pizza crust with sauce.  They brought bowls of topping and cheese to the tables for the kids to make their own pizzas.  Then they took them to the giant pizza ovens and cooked them for them.  It looked like everyone was having a great time.

Heads up, they DO NOT take cash.  However, we’ve had no issues using an American debit card without a chip.

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