Spielplatz de Gitsap (Playground Gitsap)

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This playground is on the property of the restaurants Aan de Hoeve and de Huifkar Hoeve, so there is a fee to play on the playground (and you’re NOT allowed to bring your own food, since there are 2 restaurants on site).

Children = 2.50 Euro
Adults = 2 Euro

Package Deals:
1. Access to playground, ‘happy meal’, and ice cream for 8.25 Euro
2. Access to playground, ‘happy meal’, ice cream, and mini golf for 10.75 Euro

Address: Gitstappermolenweg 1 6063 NT Vlodrop NL
Free parking

Playground is open from March to November.
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 – 19:30.

Winter Hours:
Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 – 1700

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 If you find that some of this information is incorrect or if you feel that something important should be added, please leave a comment! I have yet to go here so I’m not 100% sure on all the information, but it is all from the website. Thanks!

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