Ice Skating (Indoor and Outdoor) in Geleen

Do you miss being able to skate on ice that sees a Zamboni from time to time, or where the threat of rain won’t stop your plans? You can find such a place in Geleen just off of the main drag (Rijksweg). Laco Glanerbrook is a large fitness center that also houses a gym, restaurant, basketball and other various sport facilities, but the main draw for me was the full sized indoor ice rink. They also have an outdoor ice track during the winter months.

The parking lot is large and free. The first stop for us was the skate rental, which has a window just before you go into the building.  They have sizes between 24-52 (European) available for hockey and figure skates. You will have to provide an ID to the shop to ensure you return the skates and the shop assistant will give you a ticket for you to present to get your ID back. The next stop is the skating rink inside. You pay the entrance fee here, then walk down the stairs to a large area where you can change into your skates. Large lockers are available for 50 cents to lock away your shoes and coats. The rink is just a short walk from here. Remember to bring your gloves, which are required for safety while skating.

I joined some friends on a Friday evening for Laco’s weekly Disco Skating night. The dance music and lights make for a fun party atmosphere. The majority of those on the ice were of middle and high school age, but we older patrons had a good time and benefited from a good workout too. If you’re going with younger kids, I recommend going earlier in the day or going on the weekend as Disco Skating proved to be a popular and loud event. If you need a break off of the ice, there are drinks and some snacks available just outside the rink and bleachers with padding so you can walk up the stairs and sit without taking off your skates.

Laco also provides ice skating lessons for young and old. There are also local hockey teams you or your kids can join that practice throughout the week. The outdoor ice track will close in the spring, but the fitness center has decided this year to keep the indoor ice rink open year round, so it will be a nice way to cool down if it gets too hot outside.

Laco Glanerbrook
Kummenaedestraat 45 , Geleen

Open Skate Hours (Ice Rink)
Mon – Fri 1400-1600
Friday (Disco Skating) 2000-2200
Sat – Sun 1400-1700

Open Skate Hours ( Ice Track – Outside)
Mon – Sun 0900-1700
Mon & Wed 2045-2200
Tues & Thurs 2015-2200
Friday 1945-2200

Entry Price
Disco Skate € 5,50 per person
Open Skate € 4,50 per person
12xVisit Card € 55,00 per person
Skate Rental € 5,50 (For Disco Skate Rental is € 4,50)

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