A Guide for Nearby Airports

While flights can be found for low prices with airlines like Ryanair, make sure you know what airport you are beginning and ending your journey with. Many big cities have one big international airport and a smaller one (sometimes with a similar name) that is located further away from the city. An example is Düsseldorf International (DUS) and Düsseldorf-Weeze (NRN), which are 1 hour away from each other. Your best bet is to verify using the international airport code, which I have put in parentheses after each airport name here. I hope this will keep you from missing a flight or having a stressful dash to a different airport.

Tip: If you plan on parking at the airport, look into it well ahead of your planned flight. You can often get discounted parking by booking in advance. Rail and Fly is another option that allows you to take the train to the airport on a combination ticket. There are parking companies surrounding most airports, similar to “The Park Spot”, you can search for these lots at most airports at Parkplatzvergleigh.de.

In the following list I’ve provided: Airport Name (IATA code) Distance from GK NATO AB, Estimated travel time


Dusseldorf International (DUS) 85km, 1:00

Cologne Bonn (CGN) 100km, 1:10

Dusseldorf-Weeze (NRN) 109km, 1:28

Dortmund (DTM) 153 km, 1:53

Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) 240km, 2:22

Frankfurt International (FRA) 266km, 2:42


Maastricht-Aachen (MST) 42km, 0:37

Eindhoven (EIN)  98km, 1:13

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) 218km, 2:28


Liege (LGG) 100km, 1:11

Brussels International – Zaventem (BRU) 137km, 1:59

Brussels South – Charleroi (CRL) 175km, 1:55

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