Local Christmas Markets and Bazaars

This post was for 2014 markets, but many of these markets will return for 2015. Dates will change of course.

There are a bunch of local Christmas markets and church bazaars going on the next few weeks. Here’s a summary.

Tuddern Adventbasar: Nov 23 at 1400 at zur Turnhalle

Geilenkirchen Christmas Market: Nov 28-30


Adventbasar in Breberen : Nov 29 in the Festhalle

Gangelt Nikolausmarkt: Nov 30 at 1000-1900 around village center

Huckelhoven Christmas Market: December 5-7 around Breteuilplatz, Rathauszuwegung, Rathaus and Hartlepooler Platz in Huckelhoven

The Waldfeucht Christmas market will be December 7, 1000-1900. Here’s an article on last year’s market.

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