Nearby Christmas Markets

The Christmas Market season is upon us. Here is some information on ones close to GK.

Aachen – November 21 – December 23 – Surrounding the Dom and Rathaus, this market is always fun. There are plenty of parking garages or you can take the train. If you have a group going, you might be able to save money by buying a group ticket for the train. If you go into the ticket office at the train station, 5 people can ride to Aachen and back for about 24 euro. Ask for the “open ticket”.

Bonn – November 21 – December 23 – Bonn has one large market that covers several squares. We went last year after an outing to Augustusburg Palace.

Burg Satzvey – Sat & Sun – November 29 – December 21 – A Christmas market complete with a medieval nativity play.

Cologne (Köln) – November 24 – December 23 – There are 5 main markets spread throughout the shopping areas of Cologne. Each market has it’s own collectable mug. A map of their locations is on page 11 of this flyer. If the long walks won’t work for your family, there is a Hop-on Hop-off train that will take you between the markets for €8.

Dusseldorf – November 20 – December 23 – There are several markets located throughout the city. A brochure on the website lists the locations.

Schloss Merode – November 27 – December 21 – This market surrounds the castle. Parking is ample and free in a local field. There is an entry fee that varies depending on the day, listed on this flyer.

Monschau – Fri, Sat and Sundays November 28 – December 21 – Monschau becomes particularly picturesque when dusted with snow and filled with the Christmas market huts. You’ll have to park on the outskirts of town, but they have buses running.

Münster – November 24 – December 23 – This city is a little further away, but the small and walkable city center boasts 5 Christmas markets.

Schloss Rheydt – December 6-7 – This market was recommended by a local. Entry is 4 euro, but this market will have handmade crafts for sale. There are flyers showing previous vendor’s work on the website.

Stolberg/Kupferstädter Weihnachtstage – November 21 – December 21 – Stolberg is a town on the outskirts of Aachen with a big castle in the backdrop. This market occurs daily on Kaiserplatz and at the castle and old town on weekends. Here is a flyer for the event.

Valkenburg – November 14 – December 23 – There are two markets, located in two different parts of the sandstone mines. Entry is 5 euro into one market. This market is nice to do on a day with bad weather because you spend the whole time underground. There is also a Christmas parade every Wednesday at 1900 and Saturday at 1930 starting on November 15.

Close to Home

Gangelt – November 30 – Held along the B56, this market is smaller, but there are unique items that you won’t find at the bigger markets.

Geilenkirchen – November 28-30 – Another small market, but the food vendors are worth the trip.

Further Out

Stuttgart – November 26 – December 23 – Stuttgart is a big city and their market sprawls across the whole shopping district.

Esslingen – November 25 – December 21 – This medieval market is just a short train ride out of Stuttgart.

Nuremburg – November 29 – December 24 – One of the most well known Christmas markets in Germany.

Of course there are many more markets to choose from. Check out this post for a list of websites to help you find markets in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

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