Pet Shipping or PCSing with your Pet

Moving overseas with your pet and getting their paperwork in order can seem overwhelming at first. But I hope this listing will help answer some of your questions about getting your pet to this side of the Atlantic.

Summary of requirements for shipping a pet – This link lists all of the paperwork and actions you must take to make sure your pet is ready to be moved. The last item on this list is specific to the Pet Relocation company, but the rest of the requirements are universal.

Note: Some of these requirements are time sensitive. For example, rabies vaccine must be administered after your pet has received a Europe accepted microchip and must be between 1 year and 3 weeks old at time of travel. You will also need a health certificate completed no earlier than 10 days before travel.

Operation Military Pet Assistance Application – If the price of shipping your pet or transporting them on the same plane as you is too much, the SPCA is here to help. You need to submit a quote from the airline to submit this application. The rest of the requirements are listed at the link.

Ramstein Fact Sheet for Pets – This fact sheet is full of useful information.

Pet Examination Fee: Pet owners arriving at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal or Frankfurt airport will be assessed a 55 Euro veterinarian examination fee in accordance with European Union Ordinance #998/2003. The fee will be charged per pet. The fee is not reimbursable on travelers orders and will be payable by credit card only. Please note that if you arrive on a weekend or holiday, you may have to pay an extra fee for the Vet to come outside normal working hours.

My Top Tips:

Start researching early. Some airlines don’t ship pets during specific date ranges or when the temperature is too hot or cold. Some airlines don’t have jets equipped to ship pets on certain routes. Check different airport choices and code share flights.

When you go to book your flight with TMO, be sure to tell them that you are bringing a pet. They will help make sure you get on a flight that will allow your pet.

As soon as you have a flight booked with TMO, call the airline to reserve a spot for your pet. This includes pets that will be in the cabin under the seat in front of you. Space is limited and the airline must know that your pet is coming as soon as possible.

If your first flight choice doesn’t work, try again. I changed my flight 2 times to ensure my pet was on the same plane as I was.

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2 Responses to Pet Shipping or PCSing with your Pet

  1. Mekz says:

    I lived in Netherlands and going to Japan. Aside from the signature of the Vet, the Japanese application form (Health certificate) needs a stamp or signature from the government. I asked them who’s gonna sign n it, and they told me the Animal Quarantine of Netherlands. I kept searching for it but couldn’t find it. Where can I get that signature, from the airport?

    • Megan Kane says:

      I am not familiar with the requirements of shipping to Japan. I think the first step is asking your vet if he or she knows or can find out what you need to do. They would be more familiar with the national approval process. I doubt the airport will have such a person.

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