Amsterdam Park and Ride

When traveling to Amsterdam, I am a big fan of using the NS train day-tickets that go on sale about once a month, but sometimes this isn’t the most practical way of traveling in the Netherlands. I’ve compiled a list of tips for some of the P+R lots around the city that will hopefully help you get parked and into the city as quickly as possible.

First, if you have never done P+R in Amsterdam, look through the overview on their tourism website. It will give you the basics, a list of lots you can use, and the rates for parking and getting the P+R ticket. If this page is missing any information about the parking lot you’re interested in, just use a search engine, all of the parking lot information should be on the company’s website.

The website does an good job of explaining the steps, here are some of my additional notes.

NOTE: You must use a credit card with a chip (a debit card might work) to purchase the P+R tickets. The tickets are not included in your parking fee.

Your transit into and out of city center using the P+R tickets must be used within an hour of arriving and leaving the parking garage respectively.

For the parking lots at RAI, Olympic Stadium and Arena, check their event calendar before you go. Park and Ride is closed during major events.

For RAI and Arena, the P1 parking lot is designated for Park and Ride.

RAI can only be used for 24 hours as Park and Ride.

P+R Amsterdam Flyer


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