Eisparadies Penners- Ice Cream in Tuddern

This ice cream cafe is a staple for many of us residing in the Selfkant region, but remember, Tüddern is just across the border from Sittard, so don’t let the distance be a deterrent from visiting at least once.  Eisparadies has indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a covered balcony for those days when the weather isn’t as nice.

If you plan on having just a scoop or three, walk into the building and order with one of people at the counter. If it’s a busy day, they’ll have a second counter open in the garden area. If you plan on having drinks and sundaes, take a seat and one of the waiters will be over to take your order. The selection and the portion size are both generous. There are 9 types of spaghetti eis alone and plenty of other options are available. Most sundaes have 5 or more scoops of ice cream. I usually just ask for “ein Löffel” or one spoon so I can share with someone. You can view the menu on their website.

There is a huge playground for the kids to play on in the backyard (I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves). Parking is available just past the cafe. If you can’t find a spot, the street is always an option. There is plenty of room for bikes as well.

Eisparadies Penners
Millener Weg 25, Tüddern
Summer Hours Open Daily 1300-2100
Winter Hours Open Daily 1300-1900
Facebook Page

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