Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (Brussels), BE

The Royal Greenhouses are only open to the public for a short period of time each year. This year, they are open April 17-May 8, 2015 and admission is 2,50 per person over 18 years old. Children admission is free.

The first third of the tour is outside through the grounds. You will get to see the manicured landscape and the exteriors of the impressive greenhouses. The rest of the tour is inside the huge greenhouses, which are all connected to each other. The way the trail is set up, there is only one direction you can go so you won’t get lost. There are some stairs, but if you have two people, a stroller works well through the buildings. The entire visit for us took about 1.5 hours and was about 4km of walking.

Find more information on opening hours and directions here.

Parking is free across the street from the palace garden gates.

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