Buying bikes at low cost

There are a few places to buy bikes that have some low cost options. So far I’ve only experimented on the NL side, but I hope to add some German stores soon!

Halfords – Sittard (Next to Xenos near the centrum)

Tempelplein 7, Sittard

(They had a few 300€ touring bikes for guys and some adorable ladies bikes for 230€)


Decathlon We wrote about this “sports authority” here

Decathlon Kerkrade
Wiebachstraat 75, Kerkrade, NL


Bike Arena Next to Decathlon….

They sell expensive bikes but their used ones are well priced! They also do bike repairs.

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1 Response to Buying bikes at low cost

  1. Thank you for this information! Is there any place that sells omafiets/ dutch-style bikes in the local area?

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