Primark Clothing Store

Located in various cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, this store is like a big version of H&M. I saw 3-10 euro shirts, 10 euro pants, 1 euro for 2 pairs of cozy socks, 12 euro for cardigans and much more. I went to the store in Eindhoven, which is 4 floors. The basement is accessories, home products and sleepwear. The first and second floors are for women and the top is for men and children. This store is big and really popular with the locals. It was very busy on a Saturday afternoon. To get an idea of the types of clothes they sell, look here. If you’re looking for fashionable clothes on the cheap, this is definitely your store.

Closest Primark Locations:
Liege, BE
Eindhoven, NL
Dusseldorf, DE
Cologne, DE
Essen, DE
Gelsenkirchen, DE
Dortmund, DE

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