Yellow bag recycling in Germany

If you aren’t sure exactly what can and can’t go into the yellow bin or yellow bags for recycling, well here is the translation of the items that they have listed on the bags themselves.

For proper recycle bags, you can go to the town hall (Rathaus) or simply pick up some at the GK A&FRC. For English directions on how the entire trash system works, you can download the Geilenkirchen Trash Calendar and Information Booklet PDF.

Translation of info on bag:

Here only empty into disposable the packaging made of plastic, metal and composite.

This will include for example:

Shopping bags, bags, wrapping films, milk bags, cereal bags, etc.

Food cans and beverage cans, closures, aluminum trays, aluminum lid, aluminum foil, etc.

Bottles of rinse detergents and personal care products, etc.

Margarine tubs, cups from buttermilk, curd, sour cream, yogurt,  etc.

Drinks and milk cartons, vacuum packaging, etc.

Fruits and vegetables containers and foam, etc.

This is not a general value cloth bag! No filling of other products made from plastic, metal, and plastic (such as electronics and batteries. They must be disposed of properly). No filling of residual waste or household waste, paper and glass! Otherwise, there is no pickup of your recycle can!

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