Boom Chicago – Chicago Style Improv in Amsterdam

Located on Rozengracht in the Rozentheater in Amsterdam is an unlikely show that I never expected to find in Europe. The sketch and improv based comedy group Boom Chicago is mostly comprised of Americans.  Several shows are available for you to enjoy Wednesday – Saturday. While the group was initially set up to attract tourists, the majority of the crowd is Dutch, which doesn’t keep Boom Chicago from making fun of certain Dutch qualities. They recently had a show named “Delete Zwarte Piet Niet!” and another called “The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins”. All in all, the show was a blast and a great way to spend a night in Amsterdam.

Side note: We went on a Saturday to their first show of the night “Baby I Like it Raw”. The next show, “Shot of Improv” was not sold out, so they were selling tickets for €5 each to stay for that show, which was almost as long and even more fun. It’s possible that this is something they do whenever they have more tickets to sell. I highly recommend staying for this show.

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