Locking Your Door

This seems like a silly thing to write about, but some don’t know about or don’t use the deadbolt feature on the front door of their house. Without a handle on the outside of the front door, it is difficult to break into your house, but not impossible. A thief could jimmy the latch open or, if you have a mail slot in or around your door, they could hook the door handle from the inside . If you have clever pets, it is also good to know how to lock the door and disengage the inside door handle so they can’t open it and let themselves outside.

Dead-bolting the door is simple. Turn once counter-clockwise to engage the deadbolt and turn again to disengage the handle inside (so your adventurous dog can’t get outside or a thief can’t use the easy exit). It might be good to test your lock out with two people and two keys to make sure your lock works the same way. Test out locking from the inside and outside and with a key stuck in one side while trying to use the other side. Try all of the combinations to make sure you won’t get locked out or in accidentally. You and your house will be more secure and hopefully you’ll have some extra peace of mind.

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