Fitness Options in the Tri-Border Area

Updated: 15 April 2016

We’ve written about many of the fitness options available to you on the bases in the area. This post is here as a summary sheet.


Fitness Classes on Brunssum – All classes are back up and running.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Geilenkirchen: (US and NATO)

Fitness Classes on GK – Mostly located at the gym located near the base track. You need an MWA card to use these facilities.

Mama HAWCS – Check with the A&FRC for their schedule.

Crossfit Gym -Located in the old elementary school gym (Building 298). They are sometimes open on the weekend. Check the Facebook page for updates.


Fitness Classes on Schinnen  – There is also a rock wall located in the Community Activity Center. Call the Gym for more details.

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2 Responses to Fitness Options in the Tri-Border Area

  1. Marcel says:

    Is there competitive higher level gymnastics in the area that will take American kids?
    I am contemplating a move to Brunssum, and this is a factor. I don’t mind commuting if there is something good . Thanks in advance

    • Megan Kane says:

      I know one person used near Heerlen for a younger child, but they do have competitive groups. Most businesses here will teach other nationalities, but will need your child to learn some Dutch or German. You can search for more options on The German side of the border is less likely to have options outside of Aachen.

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