Student Discounts for .edu emails

Discounts are a wonderful thing, but they aren’t always something you know about. If you attend school in the tri-border then you should be taking full advantage of your .edu email address. UMUC is my school and they just recently switched to giving this access to students. So contact your school if you don’t have an email account set up yet!

Click on anything blue to be connected to that link!

Amazon – Free year of Student Prime which gives you free shipping! This can save you money on school books and supplies, or even just your everyday purchases. After the first year, they give you a reduced rate for your prime membership. 

Norton- Computer Protection Software 

Hp- Computers, printers and more

Dropbox-file transfer system. If you enter your .edu email address, Dropbox gives you 3GB of extra space. 

Apple – Save on a Mac

Microsoft- Software

StudentRate-a website where you sign up with your .edu email address and get access to hundreds of discounts from stores that you’d regularly shop at like Forever 21, Boohoo, Urban Outfitters, Toms and more. 

Barnes and Noble – You can even rent textbooks….

More to be updated as found. Of course, feel free to contribute!

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    very nice information

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