NMBS/SNCB – The Belgian Rail System

I’ve found that when it comes to traveling by train, crossing country borders increases the price, so when traveling on the Belgian trains, I leave from Genk.

Genk is the closest Belgian train station to the Selfkant region(EUROPALAAN, 39
3600 GENK). Free parking is on the side of the station (put a copy of your ticket on the dash), otherwise, there is a Parkhaus underground just across the street. There are trains going between Genk and Brussels every hour with no transfers. A weekend ticket (half price round trip) from Genk to Brussels currently costs €15,40.

Eupen (BAHNHOFSTRASSE, 2, 4700 EUPEN) or Welkenraedt (PLACE DE LA GARE, 11, 4840 WELKENRAEDT) are the closest train stations to the GK area, however, they are only about 10-15 mins closer than the Genk station. Both stations require no transfers to get to Brussels. A weekend ticket from Eupen to Brussels currently costs €21,60. Welkenraedt is one euro cheaper. It’s a close call on which station is best in terms of travel time and price for all three stations.

It is possible to get on the Belgian Rail system from Aachen or Maastricht. These tickets have their own special category on the ticket type drop down when you go on the website. You will have to pay for your NL or DE train ticket separately to get to these stations.

Please note, that on the way back from Brussels, the train splits. Half goes to Liege, the other half to Genk. Ask the ticket checker if you are on the correct half. You can also determine this by looking at the LED signs on the side of the train cars or the TV screens inside each car. If they screen says Genk, then you are on the correct car. It splits around Hasselt.

Buying Tickets
On the train website http://www.belgianrail.be/ put in (Your Starting Station) [NMBS/SNCB] to (Your Ending Station) [NMBS/SNCB]. The part in brackets tells you that it’s a train station and not a bus stop. Brussels Station name is Brux.-Central / Bru.-Centraal [NMBS/SNCB] and is a short walk from the Grand Place.  If you are going on a weekend, you can choose “Weekend Ticket Internet” for your ticket type for 50% off. Buy the tickets and print them out. I have always bought the tickets online with a credit card and had no problems. You should also be able to buy weekend tickets at the train station at the ticket counter or kiosk.

Ticket Specials
The website frequently has tickets specials for round trip tickets at a set price. Check online frequently so you don’t miss a great deal.

Tickets for Children
Up to 4 children under 12 years old ride FREE per paying chaperone.
Half price children tickets are available if you have more than 4 children traveling with you.

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