Helpful Facebook Groups

There are a bunch of Facebook groups/communities out there that are helpful in sharing information and connecting people. Here’s a list of some of them. Please note that most of these groups are closed, so an administrator will have to grant you permission to enter these groups.

GK/Schinnen/JFC Brunnsum Garage Sale – An alternative place to connect people to buy and sell items in the local area. This group now uses the VarageSale App on Facebook. (, and are the other main options).

GK/AFNorth/JFC Classifieds – Another Facebook group for listing items for sale.

GK / AFNorth / Schinnen / JFC Brunssum Volunteer Connection – A group dedicated to letting you know what volunteer opportunities are out there. Clubs and individuals can advertise to get the word out on the volunteer work they are doing.

GK/AFNorth/JFC Friends and Faux – A tri-border consumer review platform. They let you know good and bad experiences at companies in the area.

Tri-Border Village Elder Program – This group is an extension of the GK AFRC Village Elder program. Members post events in the local area and use the group as a forum for questions about the local area.

Alternatives to shopping at the BX/Commissary in Germany – If you need to find a specific item on the economy, this group can help you out.

Companies that ship to APO’s – A place to find/discuss your experiences with companies shipping to APO addresses.

Wives of Germany Travel Information – Ask a question and you’re sure to get an answer quickly on this group. It started in the Tri-Border community, but it has grown to include people from many of the other bases in Germany.

411 Travel through Germany! – There is a ton of information on this site. Their files can be helpful as well. This group started in Ramstein.

I Love Germany – Ask questions about moving to and living in Germany!

SHAPE Travel Tips – Another travel group a little closer to home.

BEEN THERE ~ Stuttgart’s Essential Travel Club – Exactly what the name says. They have few helpful files posted in their group as well.

Travelling Spouses – A group mostly based in England, they still have some good ideas for traveling around mainland Europe and they have a ton of files with notes on different locations.

The below image came from a recent edition of Stripes Welcome to Europe publication. You can see a complete listing of their publications here.

Moms Helping Moms Facebook Pages

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  2. Stacy Currie says:

    I have moved from Gk and would like to be removed from the blog. Is there an unsubscribe button I am missing. Thanks


    • Megan Kane says:

      You should have the option at the bottom of any email you recieve to manage your subscription or unsubscribe completely.

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