Eetcafe Pretzels – Sittard Whiskey Bar and Restaurant

This whiskey bar has it all. I don’t care how many you’ve tasted, you have barely begun denting the list of whiskeys that they carry! With a range for everyone’s preference and budget, this is a quaint bar that is quiet but fun. The decorations alone will give you something to remember.

The restaurant has a good selection, with some seasonal items (mussels in the winter). The soups were quite good. Our meals both came with a salad and fries and everything was delicious. The staff is very friendly, which is always a plus.

They offer deals for whiskey tastings on Social deal sometimes or on their facebook page.

Putstraat 37 6131 HH Sittard       Tel: 046 – 4 51 53 52

Open Wednesday-Sunday after 5pm

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