De Pannekoekenbakker – Pancake House in Thorn

After hearing rave reviews about the pancake house in Thorn, we finally made our way there on a Sunday morning. Pancakes seem to be a Dutch tradition, especially for children’s birthdays. The pancakes are as big as the plate and thinner than traditional American pancakes. They are usually topped with either sweet or savory ingredients.

De Pannekoekenbakker boasts over 200 kinds of pancakes, from a Gyro inspired Greek plate, pizza pancakes with salami or other pizza toppings, and dessert pancakes with fruit, powdered sugar and, most importantly, ice cream. Just remember, these pancakes are big and filling. My husband and I could have easily shared one and been satisfied (or had one meal pancake and one dessert pancake). Thankfully, the waiters don’t mind if you share.

There is a Kids Club that you can sign up for that will get your kids a special prize when they first sign up. They will also give you coins on your birthday to buy something in the restaurant’s toy store too. There are some toys for kids to play with while you’re waiting on food as well.

Their website is very easy to navigate. There is an English menu available for download and if you’re looking for other things to do in Thorn, check out their Tourist Tips section (in Dutch, but GoogleTranslate works).

The restaurant was not very busy on the Sunday morning when we went, but I have heard that it can get pretty crowded, so definitely reserve a table if you have a large group. I used email and they responded within two days. You can also call to make a reservation.
Bogenstraat 2
6017 AV, Thorn
0031 (0)475-563327
Opening Times

Check out all of their locations here.

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