Education financing opportunities

(Copied from the GK AFRC FB page on 13Mar2013)

These resources are available to you and your families as you pursue your
educational goals. We will continue to provide you with information as we
receive it regarding additional resources, status of Military Tuition
Assistance (TA), etc. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
contact Dan or I at 458-2244.

Additional Mil TA Clarification (rcvd from USAFE A1KE thru AF/A1DL):

TA already approved will be honored.

TA that was in the queue (before AFVEC capability was closed) for approval
and those currently deferred will be honored as long as they meet all the TA
usage rules. There are approx 2,000 AF wide waiting action and AF/A1 says
this will need some time to act on the request list. We had several at GK
and have highlighted them to USAFE to ensure they’re processed. Keep in
mind that this will be done centrally and we will have no control other than
to be advocates for you, our TA applications are shut down as well. Please
ensure your email address in AFAEMS & AFVEC is up to date, as this is how
you’re contacted within the system.

If a student has an approved TA and needs to make a legitimate change (class
is cancelled, need to change the class, wrong dates, wrong cost, etc.), they
must contact their Ed Center for review. We will then forward to the
appropriate OPR to make the change. We have one case currently that is
being worked to completion.

Increased Services NOW available:

As you know, CCAF accepts up to 30 semester hours in examination credit, or
CLEP/DANTES testing. Individual colleges/universities have their own
policies about acceptance of examination credit, i.e., # of hours, etc so
please check with your school directly. Just yesterday, the UMUC National
Test Center (NTC) brought on board a new Test Administrator to accommodate
better CLEP/DANTES testing here at GK. Mrs Alison Burns will be offering
CLEP/DANTES testing (at no charge to US Military mbrs), including Speech, on
Tues, Wed and Thurs. Mrs Burns is still inprocessing and working exact
office/testing hours but anticipates Tues & Thurs 0900 – 1600 and Wed 0900 –
1200.. Please contact her at or to schedule your CLEP/DANTES.

Your GI Bill can be used while serving on active duty:
Access information about the Montgomery GI Bill at:

Access information about the Post 9/11 GI Bill at:

We have several 2012 – 2014 Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel
and Their Families books that can be signed out for your use.

Please visit the following sites for additional information:
.The Student Guide – The Student Guide is the most comprehensive resource on
federal financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

.Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

.FinAid: – The Financial Aid Information Page Free scholarship search,
financial aid calculators, glossary and bibliography.

.Financial Aid Services (College Board Online) – Explore information on
scholarships, college costs, financial aid facts, loan information,
financial aid calculators and other resources.

.Financial aid for spouses of Service members – A list of Web sites and
booklets providing information on financial aid and general resources for

Online scholarships – A list of general online scholarship Web sites.

College Board Scholarship Search:


College Scholarships:


Fast Web:


Federal Student Financial Aid:

Scholarship America:

Scholarship Experts:

Scholarship Gateway:

There are also locally available scholarships through the American Women of
GK, and the GK Top 3 (applications available at our Ed Office). Please
contact those organizations for more information.

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