When a company won’t ship to APO addresses

Many companies will not ship to APOs for one reason or another. Fortunately you have a few options when this occurs.

  • First, try to put the address in with City: APO and State: NY. This usually works if APO isn’t an option on a site.
  • Call the company. Some of them will make an exception so they don’t lose your business. I have had this occur a few times.
  • Find a different company that will ship to APO (hopefully for a similar price).
  • Find a German company (like Amazon.de) that will ship to your house.
    • Note: If you ship anything from a non-German company to your German address, you may have to pay import taxes unless you get a form to waive the fee.
  • Use a third-party shipper that’s located in the states, like ShipitAPO or APOBox. (These shippers will receive your package in the states for you, then ship it via USPS for a fee.)
  • Ship your item to a family member and have them ship it to you via USPS.

NOTE: Anything shipped through FedEx or UPS will end up on a ship with all non-priority mail. If you need your item to get here faster, the third party shippers (companies or family)  and USPS will be your best bet to get your package in a timely manner.

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2 Responses to When a company won’t ship to APO addresses

  1. Guest says:

    When we lived in Germany the last two tours we were able to use APO, NY + Zip Code to by pass the no APO rules most of the time. 🙂 Hoping it will work this time around as well!

    • Megan Kane says:

      That’s a good point. The APO, NY trick usually works, but not in all cases. Some companies have specific policies against shipping to APO boxes, so having a few more options is helpful.

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