Emergency Phone Numbers and Hospitals

Note: If you want a medical opinion before going to an emergency room, you can also call the US Clinic on-call doctor (or dentist). Call the US appointment phone number (49)(0)245-199-2300 and wait for the “on-call” option on the recording or call the After-hours Doctor on-call directly at (49)(0)171-260-9565.

****Emergency & Local Hospitals  —  TRICARE Covered Facilities****

Aachen, Germany – University Hospital
Pauwelsstraße 30 52074 Aachen, Germany  PHONE: (49)241-800

Geilenkirchen, Germany (no pediatric care)- St Elizabeth Krankenhaus (Hsptl)
Martin-Heyden-Straße 32 52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany  PHONE: (49)2451-6220

Heinsberg, Germany (no pediatric care) -Stadisches Krankenhaus (Hospital)
Auf dem Brand 1 52525 Heinsberg, Germany PHONE: (49)2452-1880

Mönchengladbach, Germany (pediatric ER)-Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Rheydt
Hubertusstraße 100 41239 Mönchengladbach, Germany PHONE: (49)2166 3940

Heerlen, The Netherlands- Atrium Medisch Centrum
Henri Dunantstraat 5 6419 PC Heerlen, Netherlands PHONE: (31)455-76-6666

Brunssum, The Netherlands (no emergency room)- Atrium Medisch
Kochstraat 2 Brunssum, Netherlands PHONE: (31)455-27-9999

****NON-TRICARE Facility**** Sittard, The Netherlands – Orbis Ziekenhuis (Hsptl)    Dr. H. van der Hoffplein 1, Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands  PHONE: (31)88-459-7777



Geilenkirchen MFLC –   PHONE: (49)(0)1522-578-0828

GK Child & Youth MFLC –   PHONE: (49)(0)1520-269-8610

USAG Benelux (Schinnen) –  PHONE: (31)(0)62-947-1920

JFC Brunssum –  PHONE: (31)(0)62-518-1036

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2 Responses to Emergency Phone Numbers and Hospitals

  1. K Johson says:

    Here’s another hospital you need to add to your list.

    Hubertusstraße 100
    41239 Mönchengladbach
    Telefon 02166 394-0

    They have a pediatric emergency room. If you live in the Heinsberg area, this is where they will send you. It is covered by Tricare. I will note the reception area nurses do not speak a lot of English (at least the last couple of times I have been there with my children) but the doctors do.

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