Gruut – Gent’s Brewery

Gruut is a must see if you are spending any time in Gent. Unlike many breweries in Belgium, this brewery is very new, being founded only in 2009. As such, Gruut reminds me more of a micro-brewery you would find in the States (including all the character these places have). Beer making equipment, which makes the beer served in the restaurant as well as a few local cafes, is visible in the restaurant area. They have a separate brewery where they make beer for export.

The type of beer made is a very old style which uses a spice mixture (gruut) instead of the usual hops. We tried all five varieties and each one was delicious. They have a tasting option to try four 0,2L glasses for €6,50, that we highly recommend. For more information about the restaurant, brewery and the history of gruut beer, check out their website.

Grote Huidevettershoek 10, Gent
Mon-Wed: 10-6
Thurs-Sun: 10-Midnight

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2 Responses to Gruut – Gent’s Brewery

  1. It was an excellent place for our trip leader (YOU!) to take us. We loved it!

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