JFC Brunssum Gym Facilities

To get to the main gym parking lot, you’ll have to circle around the main headquarters building (the building with lots of flags in front of it) because of all the one way streets. The signs on base should help you find your way. Follow the signs for “Courier Gate” until you reach the back gate traffic circle, then turn left and head back up the hill towards the gym. The parking lot is on your right. The gym has four floors and is part of the building that also houses the Alliance Theater and the Chapel.

Visit the Brunnsum MWR website for schedule, hours and contact information.

If you would like to use the gym outside of normal working hours you must first attend a safety briefing with the fitness center staff. Contact the gym for more details.

Ground Floor
This is the level that you enter from at street level. There is an office to sign out equipment and ask any questions you may have. The Men’s locker room is also on this level along with the basketball court.

Rental lockers are available for your use with the use of a 1€ coin. Put the coin in the slot inside the locker door, close the locker and turn the key. The key should then release. When you unlock the locker, you will get your coin back. There is a solarium available on base at the pool.

The Basement level has the Cardio Room and the Weight Room, both of which are the best I’ve seen (for free) in the area. There is also a massage therapist available during certain hours.

2nd Floor
This floor has two Squash courts, the Spin room and a Parent’s room (which has a treadmill and a few other pieces of equipment). The Women’s locker room is also on this floor.

3rd Floor
This floor is the aerobics room, which has floor mats, weights and bands available for your use.

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