HEMA is one of my favorite places to go. You’ll see them everywhere, with their big capital red letters outside of each store, calling you inside.  This store has a little bit of everything, you can browse their website to get the full scope, but here’s a list of my favorite things about HEMA.

Leggings – Especially their fleece lined leggings are great. They stay in place, are super soft and keep you warm. I’ve worn them under dresses and as long underwear under jeans. They definitely help keep the cold out.

Cheap clothing and jewelry – Depending on the size of the store, they can have quite the collection.

House and office supplies – Curtains, decorations, binders, and paper. It’s all here.

Discount Tickets – These are somewhat like Groupon promotions.

Package Deals – This is another Groupon type promotion. For example, you can buy a Sushi package for two for €44 and it’s good at several different restaurants in the Netherlands.

Train Tickets – HEMA is one of the Dutch stores that sells the discounted NL train day passes. These sales are for a limited time and usually only occur once a year per store.

I have found HEMA in every shopping area I’ve been to, but here are some of the locations near us. You can also go to their website and search for locations and opening times by city.

Rosmolenstraat 1-3, Sittard

Kerkstraat 220-226, Brunssum

van der Maesenstraat 1, Heerlen

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