Travel and Entertainment Deals Online

Europe can be expensive, but there are deals to be had if you know where to look for them. Here’s a listing of websites that I use to find deals both near and far. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

Groupon – The website offers deals in and around the big cities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The Groupon for France and the UK can also help you snag deals (even for Disney). If you don’t want to sign up for their mailing list, just click the “Already a Member” link (in whatever language).

Social Deal – This site is very similar to Groupon and is mainly for the Netherlands. Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht, and Parkstad (Heerlen) are all worth looking at for local deals.

Travelzoo – This site mainly offers deals for hotels and flights but they do offer discounts on tickets as well. There is a German and UK version that are worth looking into. You can set up email alerts for a particular region. – This site searches for deals based on your input for flights, hotels, vacations rentals and cruises. Enter your dates and city and the site will give you current deals. – Another website where you enter your dates/location and it gives you dals to choose from. – Works just like it did in the States. Search your city/dates and pick your deal.

German Wings Blind Booking – This is for the more adventurous people out there. For these tickets, you pick your flight dates and a theme, which includes several different possible destinations. Once you buy the tickets (at a reduced price), you find out where you are going.

Life Lessons of a Military Wife – This blogger used to be in the travel industry, so she finds out about deals all the time. She’ll post them on Facebook, so if Like her page, you can get the updates too. Her blog is full of useful information too.

Pouring Pounds – This site works as a cash-back program. You sign up for the site, then click through their website to buy on other sites (like amazon, hotwire, lastminute). You get a certain percentage cash back from each purchase.

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