Pannenkoeken & Meer – Maastricht

This was my first experience with Dutch pancakes. The pancakes are larger and flatter than traditional American pancakes and the toppings are quite a bit different. Mine had ham, onions and cheese on it and ended up tasting more like a quiche than a pancake. My husband had salami, ham, peppers and a few other things on his pancake and it tasted like a pizza that was missing sauce. It was an experience to say the least. I think if we go again, we will be sharing a savory and a sweet pancake between us (or just going for dessert). One pancake is more than enough for one person in my opinion.

The sweet pancakes are what really shine here. You can get anything from fruit, to ice cream, to powdered sugar on your pancake, and they all sound delicious. If you’re in the Maastricht Markt area, check out Pannenkoeken & Meer. It’s a Dutch experience you have to try at least once.

Markt 70, Maastricht


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