Hair Crew by Concept in Kerkrade

A review from our reader: Lineik Lazare

I have been an Aphrodite customer since we PCS here in March 2010. (Aphrodite was a hair salon that ironically closed down according to our sources on the day this post was published) I was very happy with their service and specifically Tamara since she was the only one I booked for my hair.

A few months a go I contacted Aphrodite for my bi-monthly appointment and I was told that the Tamara was no longer with them and that they are they would not be able to inform me as to where she was working. So after some research and asking around I found my Tamara working at a Salon called Hair Crew by Concept in Kerkrade. I booked my appointment with Tamara and came out with great hair as always.

When it came time for my Christmas appointment, Roger from Hair Crew by Concept called me and informed me that unfortunately Tamara was not well and was unable to do my hair. He was lovely enough to schedule me for another appointment (the following day) and he did a wonderful job too.

I just would like to give praise where its due and make sure that Tamara’s former customers will know where to find her.

Contact information:

Tamara Schaeks


Terbruggen 9
6471 JS Kerkrade
Phone +31 45 545 2403

Thanks Lineik for sharing! I’ll be going there myself to check it out next time!!!

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