“Ice” skating in Heerlen

You can stop by Minli Schaatsparadijs almost anytime as they are open for skating 7 days a week (doors open at 11am). This is a great indoor activity without the cold because the “ice” is actually synthetic. It didn’t feel exactly the same as skating in a regular ring, but it was extremely similar. I thought the falling was better because it wasn’t as hard and is definitely much dryer!

Adjacent to the ring is a place to order drinks and small candies. If you head in through the cafe to the other side of the building, your kiddos can play on the jumping castles. This was included in the price of the skating.

The price of the skating including the rental skate fee is 10€ per person (regardless of age). We spent about an hour skating and probably an hour playing on the jumping castles. There were several and this would be a fun party place for a birthday group.

Einsteinstraat 3          6372 BW Landgraaf

Telephone +31 (0)45 53 18 170

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