Shopping Guides for the Big Cities

I’m a planner, even when it comes to shopping, and especially when it comes to shopping in the big cities. There are so many stores in Cologne that you can easily spend all day in their shopping district and not see everything. I’ve found something that can help you out if you’re a planner like me or you just want to see what the various shopping districts have to offer. ShoppingGuide – Köln is a map of the shopping districts of Cologne that is updated twice a year. It is available on their website in PDF form and should be available as a pamphlet at various locations in Cologne (Tourism office, Hotels and other attractions). There is also an iPhone App which is available in English and includes all the Shopping Guides for 9 cities in Germany.

Guides are available for Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Leipzig and Hannover.

Happy Shopping!

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