GK NATO’s IYA program offers many trips throughout the year. This years final trip was to Trier for their Christmas Market. It was a wonderful way to see Trier.

The trip on the bus was about 2.5 hours. It is only 30 minutes away from Spangdahlem, so you could also make a side trip here after you run errands on the base. When you arrive, you have a spectacular view of the city! We parked near the city center and walked directly into the large market. After several hours of combing through the booths, we ate in a beautiful upscale restaurant.

Whether you drive with your family or you book a trip like we did, make sure to leave time to explore the city itself. Trier is home to the Porta Nigra and the cathedral of Trier is home to the holy robe. It is said to have been worn by Christ himself.

You can also visit the palace which is a short walk from the center of Trier and has some nice walking paths through the gardens. (there was also a small playground next door for the kids to burn some extra energy!)

Trier is also the in the middle of Mosel wine country. Be sure to sample some wine from a local weingut (winery).

I think our favorite thing about this trip wasn’t the Christmas Market, but rather the city itself. Trier is the OLDEST city in Germany and a must see! For more information, go to the city tourism website.

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